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More than 500 years have passed since Francis Bacon pointed pedagogy out of the system of philosophical knowledge and Jan Amos Comenius, an outstanding educator, created class-based teaching system, which was very progressive for that time.


The world has unbelievably changed since that. But in traditional higher education institutions teacher, a knowledge-retranslator from generation to generation, is still in the centre of educational process. The didactical system of such teaching, as it was in Comenius' time, is based on the group training, and oriented on the average student. Herewith the most talented young men are selected to be the students and it is implicitly supposed, that once acquired knowledge will be enough for the rest of his life, and after graduating from the University the alumnus is already a professional and ready to start working at once.

At the present moment the educational community realizes the necessity to produce a shift to cooperative pedagogy where the student is in the centre of educational process (learning instead of teaching). There have appeared some works reflecting the necessity of getting a higher education by people of average mentality for modern society, the importance of lifelong learning because of the quick obsolescence of knowledge, and the certitude of learning individualization, linked with the necessity to acquire the great amount of knowledge for a limited period of time. Information technology and telecommunications achievements haven't been able to find complex and system realization in traditional (campus) higher education institutions, predominating in modern educational system, they can't satisfy the claims modern society sets up.  But still we do not have the deep scientific conceptualization of these facts, we can't understand the necessity of fundamental changes in the higher education system, we don't have profound analyses and researches, which can provide practical recommendations for reengineering of the educational process and the system of higher education in general. 

The result is that our educational science, our scientific knowledge and concepts are still at the same level as they were 500 years ago.

Absence of the fundamental, integral scientific study of education, consisted of both theoretical and practical parts, essentially restrains the development and intensification of education, makes it difficult to carry out educational reforms according to modern requirements and eventually slows down the formation of Knowledge Society.

In this respect it appears to be necessary to point out a new branch of science on an equal basis with Philosophy, Economics and Law. We need a new scientific discipline - Education.

Modern University for the Humanities has meaningful experience in the development of innovative modes of study, and this website will demonstrate the results of our researches into educational science in all its aspects.

We are sure that general publication of MUH's scientific researches in the above-noted areas may be of great help for both education experts and wide range of people who are interested in educational problems. We are also open to an offer to place on our site the materials covering the theme of higher education from MUH participants and outside organizations.

Publishing the research materials we also set up thematic forums, where we hope to see the discussion on the noted themes, the evaluation of the published materials and new themes for discussion. 

If you have any questions, please contact us:  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

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